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Art 35

Art35 is an Art Exhibition and Event which celebrates and promotes 35 young Artists from the Indian sub-continent all under the Age of 35! Their paintings, installations, sculptures, films, videos and performances are presented by Nine Fish Art Gallery in association with Dot Line Space Art Foundation, at Byculla in Mumbai. That's the prime focus of Art35.

National Art Camp

Between the Sayhadri hills & Vaitarna river 15 Indian Artists come together from 10 cities for an Artistic Collaboration of Traditional, Folk & Contemporary styles for a four Days (14-17 April 2016) National Art Camp being held in the Tribal district of Maharashtra, Palghar in the Village of Pimplas.

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  • »   Discussion on Contemporary Art Issues
  • »   Students & Professionals coming together
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Some the most ground-breaking artistic works have been created when artists with knowledge and experience from distant genres and unrelated forms collide and spark new ideas and we have seen and appreciate the results of these creative collisions. What we want to talk about now is the creative magic that results from the formation of creative groups through collaboration.

In the second week of April dot line and space will play host to an Art Camp which will offer an enriching experience to artists to create new visions of the world. Free flowing thoughts, ideas, technical aspects, knowledge and experience will give rise to a multitude of creative advancements as a veritable mix of artists from all over India will collaborate amidst the inspirational surroundings of the Vaitarna river flowing ceaselessly against the backdrop of the majestic Sahyadri range in the tribal district of Palghar, Maharashtra. Students on the other hand will gain insight as they explore and experience for themselves by working alongside the master of a particular form.

What's important is that no matter what the circumstances, these collaborations can unlock untold creative riches and you just don't know what they might be until you try. Nevertheless, the give and take of collaboration can be energizing to all parties and be well worth the time spent.

The esteemed panel of artists include:

  • 02. CHIPPA SUDHAKAR - Hyderabad
  • 03. DOUGLAS JOHN - Mumbai
  • 05. BRAJMOHAN ARYA - Jabalpur
  • 06. HELEN BALA BRAHMA - Bhubaneshwar
  • 07. RAHUL MUKHARJEE - Baroda
  • 08. SHILPA NIKAM - Mumbai
  • 09. SHARDUL KADAM - Mumbai
  • 10. SHRUTI BHOSLE - Mumbai
  • 11. PIYUSH BAVALIA - Mumbai
  • 12. AMAN NEGI - Himachal Pradesh
  • 13. GOURMONI DAS - Tripura
  • 14. JITENDRA BHOIR - Wada
  • 15. SEHAM KABLY - Dubai