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A Virtual Loss - In Space

We are today in the seventy fifth year post war, understanding our notion of nationality, experiencing the powers of liberty and with massive inertia of globalisation grappling with our subjective and objective identities. We have now, at least partially, transcended colonised mindset; but yet have continued distinct marginalizations and constant conception of the subaltern. The art forms relatively close to our historicity and culture have found a new meaning in this subaltern state of mind, we are acutely attracted to anthropological, rural, migratory or destitute patterns in our immediate environment. In afterthought, I pondered the allure to these sets of creations and found an aporia of connect- disconnect in the space.

While the subaltern identities made a mark in these works, there remained an innate sense of loss; the association here is dissociated with an observed objectivity. Although the sense of belonging to a space is evident in the works, the subjective presence is amiss leading to a virtual loss of personal identity within the space. Encasing an inexhaustible potential within their realm, these visuals may at any point sublimate to a state of complete awareness, the creator to an eternal 'अनुभूति'. These possibilities are what would then become the zeitgeist and the space would eclipse the lost virtual.